Luxury At Its 1

Torcianna’s is the ultimate luxury for your busy schedule! "Luxury" is already a luxury in itself and it requires time, thought and taste. Which is why we like to take the time to help embrace our clients' need for a brief getaway at their own event. In our hurried age, it is a luxury to spend time with a friend, to allow yourself the contemplation of just being and in our event industry, it is a luxury just celebrate a major milestone in your life or even just to marry your best friend. Many of these enjoyments are luxurious for they take time and thought. We view luxury as something as a gift you can give yourself.


“For the time is precious and cannot be recaptured, allow Torcianna’s to create vision for your timeless moment."

About Us

As a luxury a floral design and event coordination boutique, we offer and deliver a range of services carefully adapted to the needs of our clients and we are available for travel. The outcome - "Creating Vision for your Timeless Moments". Our services are designed specifically to provide event styling and design, expert coordination of all aspects of one’s event, floral expertise, and beautiful executions on your special day. If additional consultations are needed prior to booking, we charge an hourly design fee. Once you book your event with us, we are happy to meet with you a couple more times at our studio or your venue. Read more

Our Skills

Love Letters

  • "It was great working with you and the design team of Torcianna's. My staff loved your flower creations, we all took some home for our significant others"

    Ty - East Windsor Ballroom

    "Our wedding turned out more perfect than we could have ever imagined. Thank you to the amazing staff of Torcianna's "

    Mr. & Mrs. O
  • "Thank youuuuuuuu so much for everything, it was all possible because of you!!! Thank youuuuuu"

    Mr. & Mrs. McDonald

    "Thank you so much for making my special day more special"

    Shana W.
  • "Just want to say thank you again. You did an amazing job. I loved it"

    Kym S.

    "Thank you so much, you did a remarkable job"

    Heavenly Hair Salon