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I am Yasheca W., Founder & Creative Director of an award winning floral and event design company serving NY, NJ, PA, CT, and available for travel. Torcianna Events & Florals is your personal equerry specializing in wedding coordination and floral design, using fresh flowers and/or handmade crafts. We use the freshest flowers grown locally and internationally, to create the best floral designs for bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and flower walls. We work diligently with all our clients to make sure each décor is an expression of your unique personality and style.

My background in design began as an inquisitive child wanting to put pops of color everywhere my mother told me I need not put it. Being a Jamaican-American Native, going outside to our very own private garden with fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies to run around and play was my most favorite thing to do. Grabbing anything that I could lay my hands on, to create a beautiful table set up so that I could invite my neighborhood friends to my very own tea party in the garden was something I just couldn’t overlook.

It was not until attending college where I put together an organization of empowerment for young women that the planner, coordinator, and designer came into fruition while styling pageants, cultural days, and etiquette classes for the entire campus for about three years. Despite studying to be, the next neuroscientist, my affinity for design and creativity evolved from passion to innovative technique as a hobby with friends and family planning their special events. It was not until planning my wedding back in 2012 to my simple (and stylish) husband that I had an awesome time learning about the variation of flowers and international blooms with the selection of my own wedding décor that I knew I had to have more!

A desire to learn coupled with a great respect for floral artistry; event and interior design inspired me to enroll in a program with a floral and event-planning company based in New York City. Upon completion, I decided to go full fledge with my dream with Lead Designer, Sharie R., whom we met in college years prior, and the launch of Torcianna’s occurred. As a Drexel University alumna with formal training in Clinical Neuroscience Research Development and Organization, I must say that making this design career switch was the most liberating thing that I could have ever experienced!

Once asked, “What makes Torcianna’s set apart from the average design enthusiast,” my answer always is, the passion of serving our clients wholeheartedly, to celebrate the succession of their union, and all things beautiful to indulge in; as time is precious and cannot be recaptured. We love the creative freedom of bringing together the vision for your timeless moments. We strive hard to never make any of our events replicable.